Product Information

  • What size should I order?
    Please view Size Chart Tab on Product Pages

  • What kind of materials do your shirts use?
    Please view Product Detail on Product Pages
  • What’s the outline around the print on my item?
    Prior to printing, our apparel items are pre-treated with a special solution to ensure high quality resolution and color correctness. A small amount of this solution may remain on the shirt and appear as an off-color stain. This residue will disappear after you wash the shirt. Please wash shirts as directed by the tag information.
    Our shirts do not shrink if washed as directed but please note that all combed cotton will shrink if it is exposed to heat. This means it should never be washed in hot water or dried in a hot dryer. The delicate cycle on your machine and cold water are recommended.


  • Where is my order?
    When your order is fulfilled and started shipping out, we will send you the tracking number via the email address that you used to place the order.

  • Can I make changes to my order?
    Yes, please email us as soon as possible. You can reply confirmation email, or use this form

  • Can I cancel an order?
    Since we are a direct-to-garment printer, we custom print each shirt based on your order. Because of this, once you place an order it goes right to our production queue and our team gets started printing your items. If you email us within 12 hours of placing your order there may be a chance we can cancel it. You can always return your item once it comes with a full refund minus the shipping costs.


Replacements, Exchanges, and Returns

  • My shirt doesn’t fit. What can I do?
    Of course you can! We’ve got a 15 days return/exchange policy that starts counting down the day you receive the shirt in the mail (based on UPS tracking). We are happy to exchange or return shirts for any reason. The only exceptions are for custom shirts, clearance shirts and imperfection sales. For those three categories, no returns or exchanges are accepted. You can read the full exchange and return policy here.

  • I’m unsatisfied with my product. What can I do?